Online Baccarat Game – Play for Free or Real Money

Baccarat is one of the easiest game to play and earn money or rather gamble. It is a game of cards as well as a table game. baccarat online don’t require much skill. You also don’t need to haveany strategy. Once you get practiced, you can be a winner.

Baccarat online can be played both with and without money. As a beginner, one may want to play for practice. After earning some experience one may want to gamble and play with money. Both options are available online.

The basic baccarat is played following the steps

Step 1: The player has to place bets if he or she is playing for money. Bets can be placed in the hands of him or her; or he or she can place it on the banker’s hand or even on a tie.

Step 2: The banker then deals out two cards out the bunch. Different cards have got different value as:

Aces: 1;

Face cards and 10: nil i.e. no value or zero value

baccarat online

Numbered cards from 2 to 9: these cards carry their face value itself.

Step 3: Now the player has to count the total card value. Here is a twist. The card value in total if cross 9 i.e. if the total card value be 10 or more, the 1st digit of the value will not be considered, e.g. 10 = 0 or 11 = 1 and so on.

Step 4: Now, the player who has got highest value wins. If both the players got the same value, there is a tie. Now according to the placement of the bets at the beginning, player gets his or her money.

The online baccarat game comes mainly in three popular variants, they are: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Banque. Among these variants, Punto Banco is the oldest one. It is actually the oldest version of casino games.

By reading the basic baccarat game rules, one can easily understand the main motive is to have total hands close to 9. If it exceeds 9, then also ultimately the score is low, as the 1st digit gets cancelled.

Indonesia is a country which stands 4th in the world on basis of population. The country capital Jakarta stands 2nd as the most populated metropolitan in the whole world. So one can understand that the country have a wide range of market in gambling. Recently, though, gambling is officially banned, people are gambling with the use of virtual private network or international website and many other means.

However, the main focus of the govt. is on sports gambling. So, others are not that much a risk. Also, because of online occurrence of gambling, risks are less.

So, one can easily play online baccarat games and try their luck.

Molly Adam