Poker Tips – Heads Up

Poker Tips - Heads Up

The most important thing in a one-on-one game is to quickly figure out which opponent you are facing. Therefore, the first stage of the game should be the collection of information. This means that you can call with a draw in your hand after the river, just to see what you were playing with.

Each player follows a certain pattern; of course, in real life it is much easier to find out what the other player has, because there is a lot more to say. With online poker, poker says that it becomes less obvious, which of course means that they also become much more important.

Some of the easiest online poker ads that basically apply to all poker players.

First, it is the size of the bet. This is the most important poker in capsa susun online uang asli. People think that they have a completely different way to place their hands before or after the flop, but they are deceiving themselves. Only the best can consciously change their style of play so much that they make you think.

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You are advised to spend some time playing face to face with a guy and just watch the size of your bet. After some time, it will become clear which hands go before the flop and on how many chips. Most people raise the big blinds three times with any playable hand, but sometimes they go to four big blinds. Why do they do it? What happened? Now they usually have a hand that is not as playable as AK or AQ or QQ. The decision to increase the number of chips slightly higher than usual is taken subconsciously for most people.

The same applies to the post-flop game. See how your opponent plays hands after the flop. Some people will slowly play good hands; others on the other hand make big bets. The more you play with your opponent, the easier it will be to know exactly which hand you play.


If you play with an aggressive player, just give him a winning hand; do not scare him with big bets. If you are playing with a call station that likes to call all bets with the second best pair and has no value for the kicker, continue to bet, but note how much you are willing to pay, do not be intimidated. If you are playing against a passive player, just make a bet. If you have nothing, it will be deleted, if you have something, it will call or increase. Just don’t get too aggressive, because if you decide to play a hand, it will probably be pretty good.

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