Pulsa for Slot Deposits

Online Gambling Games

The importance of Slot Machines in the world of gambling cannot be underestimated. In Casinos, Slot machines already rake in nearly 70% of the total revenue. Once sniggered at as a poor man’s gambling outlet, its importance is such that many Casinos now-a-days are no longer centered on the traditional Roulette and Poker games, but on the ‘Slots’. And this is particularly true of Online Gambling. PULSA is the most popular form of placement of bets since the inception of online gambling. Slot Deposit PULSA has made online betting easy and accessible for people all over the world.

Where It All Started

PULSA started from Indonesia, where the word means ‘Pulse’. It generally takes the form of a Plastic Scratch Card; with separate such cards for different denominations of money. Each Scratch card represents Paper money of certain value, and contains an alphanumeric code which is revealed when the card is scratched. When the Website requests that the Bettor places his or her bet, the code is inputted at the correct location on the screen. The video game shows each Slot machine in its realistic form, but separate parallel lines of bets can be placed, up-to the total value of the Scratch card or PULSA. All the standard features of the real Slot machine are reproduced in this Virtual image, even the gambling arm which gives the machine its name of One Armed Bandit.

Online Gambling Games

Playing Slots Online

Slot Deposit PULSA is the way the world has started playing the Slots online. But another type of PULSA also exists. Instead of a physical (Plastic) Scratch Card to transfer the betting deposit, telephonic transfer of the amounts, selected as deposit, is made from one smart mobile phone to the other, namely from the PULSA Representative’s phone to the Bettor’s phone. This makes the total transaction completely digital, and is protected by modern Crypto techniques to prevent hackers from interfering.

PULSA Method

The PULSA method had previously been used to recharge mobile phones, but particularly in countries where online gambling is very popular, this has been the preferred technique for placing the small Slot machine bets. Now of course some new Virtual methods are proving equally if not more trustworthy, and methods like OVO are beginning to take over. But in many areas, small electronic shops and general commercial establishments selling PULSA Scratch Cards or phone to phone transfers of Real Money are proving to be still as popular as ever.

Molly Adam