Types of Online Casino Tournaments

There are many players who are not aware of the diversity that is available in online casino tournaments. It is important to understand this diversity, as it will not only attract players to online tournaments, but also help them choose the right ones.

In the beginning, it is necessary to distinguish between tournaments that award prizes, depending on how much a player earns, and tournaments in which prizes are awarded, depending on how many players bet. Strictly speaking, the second type is not really an online tournament, because it does not test any player skills. These tournaments are usually promotional events described in the promotions section, and not in the online casino quality tournaments section. They encourage players to place more bets and encourage players who make more bets. In these tournaments, players make bets on their own funds and, obviously, can save the sums they earned during the game.

Real online casino tournaments

In real online casino tournaments, all players receive the same amount of initial money as an online casino. They are asked to play in the same game and give the same amount of time for betting. Players show their ability to play and manage their funds. Players who have the highest balance at the end of the tournament receive prizes. Player balances at the end of the tournament are not exchangeable.

One of the ways to classify real tournaments online is by the nature of the prize pool offered to players. In some tournaments, online casinos offer a guaranteed amount of money that will be distributed among the winners in a manner that was specified before the start of the online tournament. This amount does not depend on the number of players participating in the event. However, most online casinos provide that if the minimum number of players is not registered to participate in a tournament, it will be excluded. Regardless of how many players participate in the event, the winners will receive the agreed prizes. If there are fewer players, the chances of winning are higher. If there are more players, the chances of winning are reduced. These online tournaments are often referred to as guaranteed prize tournaments. As a rule, online casinos charge for participation in these online tournaments. However, some online tournaments do not have a registration fee and are known as freerolls.

Other online tournaments have the so-called prize groups.

The registration fee paid by the participants is accumulated and distributed among the winners in a predetermined proportion. Therefore, in online tournaments of the prize fund, the size of the prizes depends on the number of participants. At events with a guaranteed prize pool, if the entrance fees charged are more than the prize pool, the casino keeps the difference, and if the entrance fees are less than the prize pool, then the casino matters a lot. In jackpots, the casino jackpot usually distributes the total amount collected as admission fees. However, in some cases, you can leave a portion of the prize pool of a well to cover your expenses.


There is a type of online tournament that combines the benefits of a guaranteed prize pool and a jackpot prize pool. Unfortunately, it is used mainly in online poker tournaments and is not so common in Dominoqq Online. In this type of online tournament, the accumulated prize is guaranteed by an online casino. However, if the online casino charges an additional entrance fee, the additional amount is also distributed among the winners.

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